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(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

PBIS is an evidence-based, data-driven framework proven to reduce disciplinary incidents, increase a school's sense of safety and support improved academic outcomes. Many Colorado schools are implementing PBIS and saving countless instructional hours otherwise lost to discipline. The premise of PBIS is that continual teaching, combined with acknowledgement or feedback of positive student behavior will reduce unnecessary discipline and promote a climate of greater productivity, safety, and learning. PBIS schools apply a multi-tiered approach to prevention, using disciplinary data and principles of behavior analysis to develop school-wide, targeted and individualized interventions and supports to improve school climate for all students.  

PBIS Mission: 

To improve the culture and climate of Colorado Springs Charter Academy and community settings through the Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Framework.  

EPIC Logo wType.Final.png

EPIC – CSCA’s Positive Behavior Initiative 

EPIC is a school-wide initiative to promote positive behavior and citizenship among all students and staff and to highlight Core Virtues. 

EPIC stands for: 





The Epic Motto is stated together and is as follows: 

E is for Excellence! Nothing less than our best! 

P is for Positivity! A Good attitude when we’re stressed! 

I is for Integrity! And don’t forget Respect! 

(Do the right thing even when not being checked!) 

C is for Citizenship! We all do our part to make the school a better place!  

EPIC is the Start! 


How EPIC Works: 

Students are encouraged to display EPIC behavior throughout the day.  EPIC SLIPS are given to students by any staff member, but mostly given in the classrooms. EPIC slips are given out for behavior that exceeds normal expectations. Students save and use their EPIC slips for purchasing items at the EPIC Store. Once a quarter, we celebrate one letter of the EPIC acronym. By holding assemblies to recognize those in our building who are being EPIC, we hope to create campus community and to encourage student displays of virtuous behavior.

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