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Colorado Springs Charter Academy

We kindle enthusiasm to craft bold and effective citizen-scholars

Founded by a group of local parents and educational leaders, Colorado Springs Charter Academy is a public charter school that opened in the fall of 2005. We believe that our children need a challenging, stimulating, and motivating environment to fulfill their true potential. They need a school that is committed to academic excellence, but also develops well-rounded students and responsible and accountable citizens. They need a school with high academic standards and a rigorous curriculum that includes foreign language instruction. They need a place where parents volunteer their time and talents to help their children grow and learn.


Colorado Springs Charter Academy is that school. Please take a look inside. We welcome your interest and your involvement, and hope to see you soon at CSCA.


Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.

---Franklin D. Roosevelt



Colorado Springs Charter Academy is love for community expressed in action. We are entrusted with dear purchase, to bind our students’ days of innocence and joy with structure, content and character. To accomplish this, we cultivate the individual potential of all our students by:

  • Providing academically rigorous, proven, content-rich educational programs

  • Developing incisive analytical skills and well-stocked minds;

  • Fostering self-advocacy, passion, citizenship, and exemplary character

  • Holding individualized high expectations;

  • Involving and welcoming parents and community members.


We kindle enthusiasm to craft bold and effective citizen-scholars

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