Driveline FAQ

What is Driveline?Driveline is the process used to coordinate a rapid student release in a safe, quick and orderly fashion. Driveline minimizes Student exposure to extreme weather conditions parent wait times students wandering around school grounds and local traffic problems. CSCA Parking lots are one way please enter and exit in the appropriate direction.

What if my student goes to After-care? CSCA will work with your provider to get your student safely to their destination. Please fill out this form to ensure that the school is aware. 

How does Driveline work? Each family is assigned a unique identifier number or family ID and placards are issued to each family. The color codes represent the time zone that you are assigned to drop off/pick up your student. For your student’s safety students will not be released with a copy of the placard or by verbally sharing the number with the parking lot attendant. The unique placard is to be placed on the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. At pick up the family ID is used within the Driveline to link the parent’s vehicle with the students in their family. Families are given two placards. These can be shared with others who may pick up your student or to share with carpools.  There will be a charge for replacement placards. 

Upon a parent’s arrival to the school at release time a staff member enters the family ID from your clearly displayed placard into a device. This sends the information to the classroom teachers’ computers. The student is then released from the classroom. Although we will have staff to assist them in the training process it is crucial to stress with your students that they are to walk directly to the pickup zone when the family ID number pops up in their classroom. If your student does not come to the zone in a timely fashion, you may be asked to park in a designated spot to clear the Driveline or to simply move forward and wait at the front of the line.

What if we have an appointment? It is recommended that if you schedule appointments at the end of the school day you do so before 2:30 to avoid being trapped in the parking lot. If your appointment requires pick up during Driveline times you will need to park in a designated area and arrange to get your student. 
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