Here are the directions for the assessment for both in-person and at-home students:

    - Once you have entered the test name and password, select your name from the drop down box, verify that it is you, wait for proctor to start the test
    - Read the question and then choose the best answer for that question 
    - Try to eliminate a few answers before choosing the best selection
    - Once you have selected your answer, click the blue arrow at the bottom right side of the window to continue to the next question.
    - Once you have left the screen and gone to the next question, you cannot go back and change your answer
    - Kindergarten and First graders get the test read out loud to them (speaker icons are on the test for repeating that section multiple times)
    - Only take the assessment allocated for that time slot
    - If you need to go to the bathroom during the assessment do so quickly
    - There can be no talking during the assessment
    - No asking someone for assistance, including explanations on the meaning of words in the questions
    - No leaving the test and browsing the web/books for answers
    - No calculator unless provided by the test (some questions do provide a button for using the built in calculator)
    - The test has a "Guessing Detector" that will pause the test if questions are answered repeatedly fast.  Only the proctor can resume the paused test.
    - Do your best to finish the test in the time frame allotted (The test will turn off once your testing window is complete)
* It may take me 5 to 10 minutes to start the test for remote testers due to me going over the test directions for the in person students.  Please be patient.

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