Volunteer Information

Any member of the child’s extended family can volunteer, and all hours worked are to be logged on the CSCA website. Families who do not complete their volunteer hours may lose sibling priority privileges. Any family with circumstances that prohibit their ability to perform their volunteer hours must meet with the CSCA Head of School to make alternative arrangements. 

Teachers and school staff plan for volunteer assistance, so reliability is expected. If you need to be absent, call the school the day before and ask that the teacher or the volunteer coordinator be told of your absence. Remember that you are in the classroom to help the teacher. Please be sensitive to the teacher’s direction and wishes for the students. If you have suggestions about the classroom please discuss these with the teacher before or after school, not while you are volunteering. Dress comfortably, but remember that you are a role model for our students.  In order to give your full attention to your volunteer time, and because we do not have daycare available, we ask you to not bring your young children to the school while you volunteer. Please keep information and impressions you have about students between yourself and the teacher. A misplaced comment can be devastating to a student, a family, and the volunteer program.

You do not need a teaching certificate to volunteer. You only need:

  • A genuine interest in students
  • A commitment to your volunteer activity
  • Regular attendance
  • A cooperative attitude
  • Flexibility

Getting Involved

The easiest way to get involved is to visit our website at cscharter.org, click on the “Parents” tab and scroll down to a variety of volunteering opportunities.


For the safety of our children, we require that you always report to the reception desk before you begin your day and sign in and out and wear a Volunteer Name Badge when in the building.

Volunteer Hours      

All parents/legal guardians of children at Colorado Springs Charter Academy are expected to volunteer as active, contributing members of the school community. Requiring that families participate in this manner accents the critical part a family plays in the child’s education.  Volunteering also helps parents experience the philosophy of the school in action.

The volunteer hour requirements are as follows:

  • Two parent family—both parents in the same household: 40 hours per year;
  • Deployed parents—when a parent is deployed for military service, the single parent family requirements apply;
  • Joint parenting family—parents sharing responsibility for child’s care but living in separate households: 20 hours each parent for a total of 40 hours per year;
  • Single parent family—one parent solely responsible for child’s care: 15 hours per year.

Enjoy the Students

By giving of yourself, by sharing time, by caring—you are making a difference!

TrackItForward is a site that is strictly for logging volunteer hours. If you are trying to find which volunteer opportunities are available, please head over to our PTO pages located here.

Getting started with TrackItForward:

  • Click on Sign up.
  • Create your account.
    -Enter the required information in the profile fields.
    -Even though you will see “pending approval” you can still proceed.
  • Log hours using the drop downs.
  • “Dashboard” will show you what you have logged.  
    -You can manage your account and see all your logged hours.
  •  Click on Colorado Springs Charter Academy to go back to logging hours.

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