Reading Group
Homework for the week of Oct. 8-12

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Reading Log-
Due Friday





*Where the homework is written, it is due the following school day.

This week's story: Seasons of Change

How to do each assignment:

  • A theme page will be attached to the spelling word list each week. This is not homework, but it might be a good idea to review it with your child each week.
  • ABC Order: write words (only #1-15 on spelling list) in alphabetical order
  • Rainbow Spelling: write each word (only #1-15) 3 times each in 3 different colors (just pencil is fine too)
  • Reading Log: You only have to do Monday-Thursday on the log sheet (sheet is due Fridays). Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes a night (80 minutes total for the week). The student initials and then parent initials.

Grades can be checked on a daily or weekly basis through your Parent Portal account on our website: .   Here you can check for which specific assignments are missing. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please let me know if you have any questions.