Week of October 15th-19th, 2018

Monday: Reading: 5xs spelling(if isn't finished in class), and Skill Practice pages 123-124

              Math: Lesson 35 Written Practice 3-27 due tomorrow.
              Science: Quiz tomorrow over classification of living things. They need to be able to list all five kingdoms and spell them correctly. Also, be able to list in order the seven groups used for classification.
              History: Renaissance art project due October 31st.
              Poetry: Be memorizing "The Road Not Taken" to recite on October 31st.

Spelling Words: 2.4

1. abbreviation

2. ambition

3. audition

4. composition

5. constellation

6. disability

7. exception

8. expedition

9. humanity

10. ignition

11. inspection

12. intention

13. population

14. possibility

15. precipitation

16. regulation

17. resolution

18. similarity

19. sincerity

20. subscription

Challenge Words: crystallization, malnutrition, practicality

Tuesday: Reading: Skills Practice


Wednesday: Reading: Skills Practice

Thursday: Reading:                      .

                   Poetry: Continue to work on memorizing the Robert Frost poem, to be recited October 31st.     



Friday: No homework! Have a great weekend!