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Login Information:

For 99% of students their login is their first initial of their first name and their whole last name with on the end.  (Example: John Doe will be 

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Getting Started Step-By-Step Videos:

First Time Enrolling and Getting Started with Google Classroom

How to find assignments, complete them, and turn them in for a grade

Some of my classes are missing and I need to enroll - now what


How to log onto Google Classroom

Google Classroom Student Guide

Google Classroom 101 for Students and Parents (Video)

Google Classroom - Parents Guide (Video)

Basic Google Docs How To's For Kids pt. 1

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Turning in an assignment

How to use Zoom

Frequently Asked Questions:

I do not have a computer for my child to work on?
Email our us at to see about the availability of checking out a school Chromebook.
Download - CSCA ChromeBook Checkout Form

I do not have internet service at home, what can I do?
Comcast has provided a package for free internet for two months.  The package is called Internet Essentials and there are more details here.

When I click on Google Classroom my classes are gone, what happened?
The most likely scenario is that somehow you were logged out of Google and either another person is now logged in or nobody is logged in.  Click the round circle with initials on the top right of the page and verify the correct email is logged in.  You may need to click sign out before clicking sign in again.

I completed my assignment and turned it into the teacher, but they are saying it is completely blank, what do I do?
Before opening an assignment on the "Classwork" page, be sure to first click below the  assignment links where it says "View Assignment" then access the links.

Can I hook a printer to my school issued Chromebook?
Third party drivers cannot be installed on the machines; however, you can search the Chrome store for an app that may work with your printer (Example- An HP printer app)

My email won't accept emails from other domains, what is going on?
CSCA's security policy is set pretty strict for the safety of the students.  No emails from any outside domains can be received by the students nor can students send emails out to other domains.

My teacher assigned a Youtube video to watch but it is saying it is restricted, what can I do?
Prior to assigning a Youtube video, teachers must go in and approve the video on Youtube's site.  If the teacher does not do this you will not be able to watch it while logged in as a student with a email.  You might try emailing the teacher or access the video from a non CSCA student account.  

Where do I find my child's Zoom invite for their class?
The teachers have been asked to provide the Zoom invite information on the "Stream" page inside that teacher's Google Classroom page.

How can I take a picture of an assignment using my phone and upload it to my child's Google Classroom?
The easiest way to use a phone to send a picture of an assignment to Google Classroom, is to install the Google Classroom App on your phone.  Once it is installed, you can turn work in by using the "Upload" button on the assignment, for which it will allow you to use your camera on your phone.

I forgot my password to log in, now what?
If you have changed your password but no longer remember it please email our IT Manager Kevin Dolley to get it reset.
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