Ms. Weber

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Ms. Weber

Hello, my name is Jill Weber and I’m the 7th and 8th grade Science Teacher. This is my 4th year at the Colorado Springs Charter Academy. I’m a Colorado native having grown up in Northern Colorado, I’m a Broncos and Rockies fan.

I have a grown daughter, Kat, who lives in Westminster, CO with her husband, Steven, and two step-daughters, Sara and Layla. I also have a dog, Sobe, who is a maltese-yorkie mix.

A little bit about my qualifications and philosophy; I have over 20 years experience in education at various levels and in various capacities. I received my B.A. in Physics Education from the University of Northern Colorado. I then taught high school level Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Physics, and Earth Science in Kansas. I also worked at Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) in Denver as a consultant in the Standards Department where I helped write and revise pre-K through 12th grade Science and Math standards, aligning them to testing standards, such as NAEP, for various state education departments and school districts.

I love teaching the sciences! It is a wonderful subject because the sciences are so readily applied to our everyday lives. I have found that students enjoy learning, and learn more deeply and more completely if they can see how the subject matter affects them personally, so I try to make scientific concepts as applicable to their real life as I can. I hope, and expect, that my students and I will have a lot of fun developing the skills necessary to think, question, and analyze as they learn the world of science.