Reading Group
Homework for the week of May 20-24

 Monday  Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday Friday 

*Where the homework is written, it is due the following school day.

This week's story: Behind the Scenes

How to do each assignment

  • A theme page will be attached to the spelling word list each week. This is not homework, but it might be a good idea to review it with your child each week.
  • ABC Order: write words (only #1-15 on spelling list) in alphabetical order
  • Rainbow Spelling: write each word (only #1-15) 3 times each in 3 different colors (just pencil is fine too)
  • Reading Log: You only have to do Monday-Thursday on the log sheet (sheet is due Fridays). Students are encouraged to read 20 minutes a night (80 minutes total for the week). The student initials and then parent initials.

Grades can be checked on a daily or weekly basis through your Parent Portal account on our website: .   Here you can check for which specific assignments are missing. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Click on the pdf to download a copy of homework pages:

ABC Order.pdf

Rainbow Spelling.pdf

reading log.pdf