Mrs. Sadler


Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Sadler

       Hello! My name is Mrs. Sadler and I am one of the 5th grade teachers. I am veryexcited to have the opportunity to teach this year.

            This will be my second year teaching 5th grade at CSCA. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in May of 2014 with a degree in communication. In addition I have done a two-year program in the School of Education program at CU Boulder. Throughout my time at the University of Colorado Boulder, I had a wide variety of experiences that have helped me prepare for teaching.

            Throughout my whole life, I have enjoyed working with children in various capacities including: volunteering, teaching, and after school programs. There is nothing more amazing than when a student lights up with excitement when they learn something new or understand a concept completely or when the student knows a teacher supports them. As your child's teacher, it is not my goal to only teach, but also to learn from the students. Each student is unique in their own way from their learning style to their background to their home life. I am excited to learn about each and every student and vice versa. I hope to create a safe and comfortable environment, ultimately creating a community of learners. It is my goal to be able to work together to accomplish this goal and many others this year.

          I was originally born in Vietnam and then adopted by a family in Boulder, Colorado in 1995. I have grown up and attended school in Boulder, until I moved to Colorado Springs 3 years ago. I love learning about new cultures and stories. I tend to make strong, caring relationships with parents, students, and the communities because of the experiences I have had. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, traveling, and working out with my husband Joe.

            Again, I am very excited to meet my new students and their families, so that we can begin the great adventure that is 5th grade!