11.12.2018 - Snow Day! It looks like you get an extra day to study for Description:round 2 of the online assessment, which we will now complete tomorrow in-class on November 12th. We've taken this Ch.1/2 multiple choice test as a pre-test, a practice test and we took round 1 last Monday. You will have two more opportunities to demonstrate mastery (>85%) of the content. Use the pre-test Ch.1-2 Pre-Test, review guide and ch.2 workbook to study. *If you haven't submitted your Ch.2 Take-home Assessment (see announcement below), complete it as a way to study!

10.23.2018 - You have one week to complete your Ch. 2 Take-home Assessment. It is DUE October 30th, 2018. We will work on it in class on Monday, so be sure to come with a completed draft. You can find the assessment descriptions here: Ch. 2 Take-home Assessment

9.28.2018 - Did you finish the PhET Simulation on 'States of Matter'? If not, be sure to finish it over the weekend, writing the answers into your journal. Here is the link: PhET Simulation - States of Matter and the directions/guide: PhET_Student directions States of Matter

9.4.2018 - Want to retake the elements and atoms quiz?  You can use the quiz key to help you study. Remember the retake quiz will not be the same as the original, but will be similar. 
Elements and Atoms Quiz Detailed Key
Elements and Atoms Quiz Key