Mrs. Kuyper - 6th Grade

Mrs. Kuyper

This will be my fourteenth year here at CSCA. I was born and raised in Milford, Iowa, a rural town just to the south of Lake Okoboji. I went to school at the University of Northern Iowa where I graduated with two Bachelors of Arts, one in Chemistry and the other in Biology. After graduation, I worked in our local school district as an aide with special education children. I have also lived in Sarasota, Florida where I worked on an educational boat tour and interned at Mote Aquarium doing dolphin research.  I moved to Colorado Springs and began my teaching as an aide here at CSCA in the fifth grade. The following year I began teaching fourth grade.  I taught fourth grade for several years, and transitioned to teaching sixth graders!  I enjoy sports and play golf quite frequently when I can. I also help to coach volleyball here at CSCA.  I love spending time with my husband Drew and our dogs Riley and Napoleon.  I also love to travel and enjoy visiting California!

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