Week of Oct. 31- Nov. 3rd, 2017

READING-- We are in the unit called Pushes and Pulls.
We are continuing to learn the sounds of the letters.
The sight words so far are ---a, the, has, and, go, had, I , you, see, he

WRITING-  We are still learning each individual letter and when we get through the whole alphabet, we will repeat!

MATH- We are learning about pennies and counting them along with patterns and putting the numbers 1-10 in order.

Thanks to all the parents who made it the parent conferences.  I feel it was very successful and I loved talking to each and every one of you!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic fall break.

We come back on Tuesday, Oct. 31st which is Halloween but it is a regular school day so the students need to wear their uniforms.

Don't forget-------Everyday bring water bottles!!