Week of May 14th-18th

Monday: Math: None
             Geography: All Culture Day project due Thursday
              Reading: 5 times spelling words and Skill Practice page 245-246 due                

Lesson 6.6 Spelling Words

  1. abbreviation

  2. abundance

  3. aquarium

  4. auditorium

  5. competitive

  6. continuous

  7. emphasize

  8. essential

  9. improvement

  10. intermediate

  11. mechanical

  12. musician

  13. navigational

  14. persistent

  15. preference

  16. protagonist

  17. semiannual

  18. sensitivity

  19. studious

  20. sympathetic

Challenge Words: archaeology, correspondence, indescribable


Tuesday: Reading: Skills Practice 249-250, study spelling
                   Math: Lesson 116 Written Practice ALL (1-30) due Thursday due to assembly Wednesday

Wednesday:  Reading: Spelling sentences due Thursday and study spelling for test Friday
                       Geography: All Culture project due tomorrow. Study states for test next                                   Monday

Thursday: Reading: Study spelling for test Friday
                    Math: Written Practice 117 Odds due Friday
                   Geography: Study states for test next Monday


Friday:    Geography: Study states for test Monday
                   Math: Study for final test next Wednesday
*Have a great weekend! :)